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Fleet and Facility Solutions is dedicated to providing Antimicrobial and Disinfectant products with the highest quality and most reasonable prices possible. We believe in exceptional customer service, and regularly go above and beyond to exceed our clients’ needs.


Our products are perfect for fleet and facility protection against a wide range of microbes.

 "Antimicrobials (also called biocides and antimicrobial pesticides) are substances that kill or slow the spread of microorganisms such as bacteria or fungi, and they are crucial in helping to prevent and stop the spread of harmful microbes. " “Uses of Antimicrobials: Chemical Safety Facts.”, 11 June 2020,


We are a licensed distributor for BioProtect, an industry leading antimicrobial product that last 90 days on any surface.

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The future in preventing the spread of pathogens.

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BioProtect is our most frequently utilized antimicrobial agents. BioProtect has been essential to successfully combating the ability for microorganisms to live or grow on any surface.  This nano-technology has proven to continuously destroy microbe activity 24/7 for 90 days


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