When applied to any surface or incorporated into a material, antimicrobial agents form a long-term covalent bond with the surface, both porous and non-porous for 90 days. This nano-technology creates a layer of microscopic spikes (self assembling monolayer), each of which holds a positive charge that attracts negatively charged microorganisms and microbes. Once attracted, the molecular spikes penetrate the cell membrane. Shortly after the cell has been pierced; bacteria, viruses and other microbes die and are eliminated from the surface.

Antimicrobial coating is the best choice when treating a companies fleet or facility.  With a long-lasting activity it is far superior to conventional decontamination agents in general use. 

Think of this as a proactive solution, that is constantly at work and keeps killing microbes.  Where as standard disinfectant is reactive and needs constantly reapplied to be effective against any form of microorganism. 


Antimicrobial is a better way to solve the ongoing problem of keeping surfaces clean and infection control.

Benefits of BioProtect

  • Continuous and residual viricidal activity for 90 days

  • Safe water-based formula is  non-flammable 

  •  Provides persistent, continuous,  antimicrobial protection against a  broad range of microbes  

  •  Non-leaching and non-migrating  

  •  Prevents the mutation of adaptive  microorganisms  

  •  Colorless and odorless  

  •  Patented, EPA registered technology

  •  BioProtect continuously protects the  applied surface between cleanings. 

  •  Bound technology – unlike conventional  disinfectants, poisons, phenols or heavy  metals, our technology performs while bound  to the applied surface (substrate). 

  •  Residual Efficacy – Unlike other  antimicrobials, our product’s efficacy remains  for a long period of time.

Non Protected Surface
Protected Surface


BioProtect is safe for any environment and can be used on any surface.  BioProtect is EPA registered and FDA approved.

Environmentally friendly due to non-leaching, non-depleting bound technology.

ZERO triclosan, heavy metals, arsenic, titanium, phenols or poisons for your increased health and safety

Where Can I Use It?

BioProtect can be applied in or on almost  any surface. A covalent bond forms with the  applied substrate to ensure durability in  multiple environments including water,  solvents and chemicals. May be mixed with  compatible products.

Here are just a few that would apply to your needs.

  • Upholstery and Fabric

  • Air Filtration Systems

  • Glass

  • Plastic

  • Rubber

  • Metal

  • Electronics

  • Restrooms, ceramic, porcelain. etc..